BlackCert's Shack

Ok so I am ultimately PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW because my STUPID INSENSITIVE BIGOT OF A SCIENCE TEACHER WON'T COVER THE SKELETON IN OUR CLASSROOM!!!! ive told him THOUSANDS of TIMES that i have severe anxiety from sans and ive actually developed ptsd from the sans fight and i have to carry around an inhaler everywhere i go now because when i see bones or the color blue i start hyperventilating because of panic then if i don't take my inhaler it turns into a ptsd episode and i already had to be sent home 3 TIMES BECAUSE THE SKELETON IN MY SCIENCE CLASS TRIGGERED ME!!!!! AND HE WON'T COVER IT!!!!!!!!! like?????? i don't know what to do ive tried talking about it to the councilors but they said my condition isnt real???? like um YEAH IT IS??? i would know????????? cause i wake up screaming and in tears each night because i have a reoccuring nightmare where SANS TELLS ME I'M GOING TO HAVE A BAD TIME THEN HAS THE FUCKING DECENCY TO TELL ME I'VE DIED TEN TIMES, AND THAT I HAVE NO FRIENDS!!! YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT FUCKING TRIGGERS ME???????? and it just PISSES ME OFF how the school doesn't even CARE THAT I AM ON THE BRINK OF ODING BECAUSE OF THIS!!!